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Recruitment 4 Hockey 4th Birthday Thank you

Posted by | 1 December 2016 | News, Uncategorized

Its not just another Birthday its our 4th Birthday and time flies when your having fun!

We started this business & website 4 years ago, to provide and help give Hockey a voice when your looking for players, coaches and staff both paid and volunteers. We wanted to connect our sport with one anther from Clubs, School, Universities and Governing bodies of hockey, at all levels and to you the Hockey fan & to people out side of Hockey to become part of our game.

Since our launch in 2012 we have helped promote over a thousand different Hockey jobs & opportunities around the world,  just over 100,000 users to our website with over 600,000 page views to date, we think this a great achievement for our sport.

Recruitment 4 Hockey are celebrating their 4th Birthday and let us offer 4 thanks to the Hockey Community for being a big part of our success.


imagesTo Hockey Australia, Hockey Wales and Hockey Belgium for teaming up with us to help them operate and support their Hockey Job boards and to England Hockey for all their support and partnership.

download (1)To our existing partnerships during the year with EDGE Hockey, Alien Hockey, Mercian Hockey and Ritual Hockey & Dwyeronline Lycan Hockey  and to our new partnership with Legend Sport all great hockey suppliers .

download (2)
To the Hockey Community around the World that support us every day, without you, Recruitment 4 Hockey would not be here today. Thank you!
download (1)

Thank you our new Team Mates International Hockey Federation FIH for there support in helping us reach more Hockey People around the world with the new work in Hockey page


We look forward to continuing to help Hockey into the future. Stay tuned for more big news and some great Hockey giveaways.

If you have a great Hockey news story you would like us to share, or if you have found a Job in Hockey with us and you would like to share how things are going please email


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