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Winner Winner Christmas Dinner 

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Thank you to everyone for entering our Aussie Fan Alien Hockey stick give away.

The winner was from #Twitter @btwbo  know as Grahame Haley from Bathurst South’s hockey club. Want a great earlier Christmas present.


For more Alien Hockey gear see there website


Stay tuned for more giveaways from Recruitment 4 Hockey

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Why kids should try many different sports

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Why Kids Should Try Many Different Sports

There is an expression: jack of all trades, master of none. This applies quite nicely to childhood sport. Many leading children’s physical activity organizations (like Active for Life and Sport for Life) recommend playing a variety of sports at a young age; and for great reasons. Trying a lot of different activities helps kids:

  • learn to play fairly and have team spirit
  • find movements and actions they enjoy doing (this is called intrinsic motivation)
  • get used to moving around in various environments like arenas, grass fields, gymnasiums
  • learn how to manage risk, think strategically, and problem solve
  • develop their fundamental movement skills, which are the basic sport building blocks. Fundamental movement skills include fine motor skills (small movements like picking up a ball) and gross motor skills (bigger movements like jumping). Growing these skills lead to physical literacy which helps kids feel more confident and competent in their ability to play
  • minimize injuries from repetitive movements caused by overusing the same muscles or joints (by playing a single sport)
  • avoid getting burnt out on doing the same activity

Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines recommend at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day for children. Trying out many kinds of sports and activities is a fun way to achieve this. Here’s how you can encourage your children:

  • make  a range of sporting equipment  (like soccer balls, bicycle, hockey nets) available to them
  • support all activities that they show interest in (vs. the ones that you like or prefer)
  • encourage them to try out various school and after-school sports and activities
  • allow time for unstructured play. That is, let kids play and have their own experiences. This is how they find out what games and movements they like best

Worried your child will miss out on specializing one sport? Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky played baseball, lacrosse, and tennis as a child, while soccer superstar Christine Sinclair played basketball and baseball. Both of these world class athletes didn’t specialize early on and went on to have great sporting careers.

If you have questions on kids’ sports, give the Physical Activity Line a shout (1-877-725-1149). We work with all ages!
– See more at:

story by  Why Kids Should Try Many Different Sports

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Ritual Hockey team up with Recruitment 4 Hockey

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A great new partnership brings together two passionate businesses with the one focus “Hockey”, promoting the game at all levels and to all ages.

Nathaniel Nelson from Australia, founder of  Ritual Hockey  is a “self-confessed gear freak” so mix this with his passion of Hockey and his skills with a science degree, you can see how he and his team at Ritual are always up to date with Design & Materials for all their gear.

With some of the worlds biggest names using Ritual Sticks like ELLEN HOOG from the world number 1 women’s team the Netherlands and world number 1 men’s team GLENN SIMPSON from the Australia Kookaburras just to name a few.  Keeping their product range limited, allows Ritual to focus on creating outstanding products that will perform for you on game day.

To have your Ritual before you play is something hockey players do.  To find Ritual Hockey gear is easy with stores around the world on shopping online.

Ritual Hockey is proud to be a supporter of ‘Stick for India’ see more about this great project here

To keep social with your heroes and more Hockey from Ritual follow them at
Twitter @RitualHockey



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3 is the Magic Number!!!

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Another Birthday comes around and what a great time our team has had over the past 3 years, time flies when your having fun!

Since our launch in 2012 we have helped thousands of hockey people around the world with Jobs and player opportunities,  bringing close to 66,000 unique users to our website with nearly 500,000 page views to date, what a great achievement for our industry.

Recruitment 4 Hockey are celebrating their 3rd Birthday and as 3 is the magic number, let us offer 3 thanks to the Hockey Community for being a big part of our success.


imagesTo Hockey Australia, Hockey Wales and Hockey Belgium for teaming up with us to help them operate and support their Hockey Job boards and to England Hockey for all their support and partnership.

download (1)To our existing partnerships with EDGE Hockey, Alien Hockey, Kuka Hockey, Kabo Hockey and Dwyeronline and to our new partnerships with these great hockey suppliers Mercian Hockey and Ritual Hockey.

download (2)
To the Hockey Community around the World that support us every day, without you, Recruitment 4 Hockey would not be here today.


So as we go forward into another year ahead, be reminded that the Recruitment 4 Hockey team are always here to help support you in return, keep posting, keep applying and keep socialising and lets enjoy another great year together!

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Alien Aussie Fan Stick Giveaway

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Our Team mates at Alien Hockey have given us an awesome Hydra Hockey Stick in Aussie Colours to give to one lucky Aussie Supporter for Christmas.




So, Hockey Australia #kookaburra and #hockeyroo  fans have a chance to win this new size 37.5 Alien Stick.  All you need to enter is Like & Share on our Facebook page OR Like & Re-Tweet on our Twitter page OR Like & Share on Instagram.

Have youself an Alien Little Christmas


Entry opens the 27/11/2015 AEST and closes on the 3/12/2015


Must Like and share us if on Facebook or Like & Re-Tweet if on Twitter or Like and share on Instagram
Only one prize given away.
No refund or exchange on prize.
Winner will be picked randomly on 3/12/2015 8pm AEST from all the entries.
Winner will be announced after the 3/12/2015 and no later than 8/12/2015 on the Recruitment 4 Hockey website and social media pages.
Winner to send Recruitment 4 Hockey a picture with the prize via Email or Social Media
To be eligible you must have completed one of the social media likes and shares.
The winner will have to have an Australian postal address for prize to be set to.
This giveaway is run by Recruitment 4 Hockey Not by Hockey Australia or Alien Hockey.


The WINNER is @btwbo from our twitter fans.


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Finding Sponsors and Advertising for your club

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Lets take a look at Sponsors and Advertising for your Hockey Club to help cover costs and to help your club grow.

OK, let’s get started, we need to know what your goal is and what it is you are after. For example setting a target say $5,000 to cover new uniforms and turf hire gives us a target, let all the members know what it is and have updates on how it’s coming along.

Most clubs have one or two people to look after this, which is great they can lead and plan but it takes all members to be part of this, word of mouth is a great thing and helps find new sponsors and advertisers. Let members know what they can do to help, no matter how big or small.

Building a Win Win for new sponsors and advertisers is key to building long term partnerships with your club.  Think about what your club can do or offer.


Here a list of 5 different things clubs can offer.

  • Have a good social media, follow lots of other clubs, local businesses and events, be active with your members and don’t forget to tag Sponsors in and share their updates.
  • Websites that attract lots of people, so there is value, have ad spaces across all pages to make the most for your sponsors or advertisers
  • Have an active website that’s linked to social media, regular news, posts about players, coaches and team results, Ask sponsors to write some news pieces for you, find stories or events in your town or region promoting your community, helps bring a wide reach of people.
  • Add sponsors to newsletters, mail outs have an advertising wall at the club house or at the home ground.
  • Logo images on playing shirts are good, don’t forget tracksuits, dress shirts and even support gear.

Other areas are Money back to club programs, some sport shops and Hockey stick makers offer a club incentive, members buy from them and mention your Clubs name and your Club receive funds in return. Go out and ask your local sports shop, see if it could work for them.

Coming up with good outcomes takes time, being creative or use the most simplest of ideas, get together at your club and Brain storm.

Here’s a few other ideas

  • Local dentist could offer a set price on mouth guards and once X number of people buy them they can offer a rebate back to club. Have them come along to sign on days.
  • Physio may pay a % for each client that books using the club name

Some businesses may benefit from not being sponsors but are happy to pay to be advertisers as it may be something they can claim back on tax, find out from your local accountant.

Offer sponsors to come to club days so they become part of your community, they will feel valued.

Have a well written proposal that you can give to sponsors of what you can offer and the cost, have a range of values as ever sponsor makes a difference, no matter how large or small, Clubs have lots of self-employed people so have a plan for them to.

We would like to hear from your club on other ways you promote and find sponsors, email them to us at or contact us on our social media pages

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Mercian Hockey team up with Recruitment 4 Hockey

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Mercian Hockey and Recruitment 4 Hockey have teamed up.

This new partnership brings together two passionate hockey businesses with the one focus “Hockey”. Promoting the Game at all levels and to all ages.

Did you know that Mercian Hockey have been around for 40 years? So they bring Passion, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm and as Simon Mason, Managing Director and (Triple Olympian) told us about their mission statement-

“We are hockey, it’s what we do. We eat, sleep, breath hockey … sometimes we wonder about that, but it is what we do. We focus, we are not distracted by other sports, diluting our time and efforts, we get it and more importantly, we care.
Simple as that.”

Mercian Hockey’s head office is in the UK, but they have a team around the global via their agents, distributors and partners who cater to all levels of experience, whether you are an elite Olympian striving for the very highest accolade or just out for a Saturday afternoon knock around they care and want to help you play to your best; to give you the best that they can, at a price you can afford.

You may know some of Team Mercian: Lily Owsley – ENG & GB and Kirsty Mackay – Goal Keeper – ENG & GB, but it doesn’t end there, they support a wide range of players at all different levels. So to find out more about player sponsorship follow the link

To see the Mercian Hockey full range of Hockey gear and products visit their website to stay social with them and share your hockey news or stories Jump onto Twitter: @mercianhockey or Facebook.


Story by Recruitment 4 Hockey team please support our Partners in Hockey.


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Fundraising for Hockey clubs

Posted by | 19 October 2015 | News

With most Hockey Clubs being amateur and in need of funds to help run teams during a season, from kitting them out, having new goalie gear, covering umpire fees, ground hire or maintenance, travel costs or just keeping fees down for members, the challenge is huge and one of the big challenges in fundraising is reaching a wide community and not just the local members of your club.

Things you can try to reach new or more people is to hold your fundraiser in different locations.  For example a Trivia Night at a New Bar or Pub adding raffles or silent auctions for extra fun.   Invite members of other clubs or sports to come along, maybe splitting the funds.  Looking for a good outcome for all helps build a supporting community.

Picture: Leek Hockey Club

Your team or club members are all part of a wider community, tap into this, asking them for ideas, locations for events, prize for Raffles and silent auctions, hands on help.  All team members need to be actively involved, it helps spread the word, people feel good about themselves and the club when they are asked to be involved.

We have put together some ideas for your club to try.

  1. 100 club money boards or 50/50 raffles
  2. Raffles of items and prizes from the local community
  3. Hot chicken or cold meat tray raffles on a Friday night at a club or a sponsors pub
  4. Quiz nights
  5. 24 hour hockey games or buy a brick of the club house
  6. Car wash or Car boot sales
  7. Curry or Karaoke nights
  8. Sausage Sizzles or Pancake day at games
  9. Bingo or card nights
  10. Footy Tipping Competition

The best tip is to make it FUN!!! as Life is better when your laughing.  Everyone will take part, have a great time and do it again next

Some of the events we have seen or heard about:

  • Surf Live saving club teamed up with a car dealer to raffle a car or take the cash.
  • Cheese and Wine tasting on a Boxing day after an old crocs v’s young ones hockey game or walking football (over 18)
  • Hockey team had a mini goal set up at their sponsor pub, local people had to shoot past a goal keeper (mini goals) to win prizes (that the pub supplied) a couple of dollars to have a go. Everyone wins.
  • Halloween events during the off season
  • Cricket club had bands play one weekend on their grounds and they charged an entry fee.
  • Hockey club run a summer Junior Friday night Cricket comp with local club on the turf under lights.

We would like to hear from your club on other ways to raise funds email them to us at or contact us on our social media pages

List off website with more ideas


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Children Sport Influences -story by AIS

Posted by | 7 October 2015 | News

Parent’s play a significant role in deciding what sports their children play – but what influences those decisions? With over 3.5 million Australians aged between 5 and 17, the ASC conducted research on the parents of these children, titled Market Segmentation for Parents. This research looks at parents’ attitudes and behaviours towards organised sport and sports clubs. See the full 4 min video report via this link from the Australian Institute of Sport

We would like to hear your thoughts on this report and want your club is doing to make Hockey a good choice? copy us in on twitter @Recruit4Hockey or use #R4Hockey


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