BlackSticks Kirsten Pearce Answers Hockey Fans Questions

Published 15 February 2016

From our last news update Want Question would you ask Black Sticks player Kirsten Pearce? Kirsten has taken, time out of her busy training day to answer some question from you the Hockey fans. The answers are helpful & fun so enjoy the read. At the bottom is a small bio on Kirsten. Amauri Amat Which shoe […]

Hockey Tours UK & Overseas with MAKING TRAX

Published 9 February 2016

HOW  MY  MAKING  TRAX  SPORTS  TOUR  CHANGED  MY  PERSEPCTIVE  ON  SPORT,  CULTURE  AND   TRAVEL   ‘Being  a  school  girl  from  Glasgow,  hockey  was  something  I  grew  up  with.    During  our  first  term  of  school   last  year  we  were  offered  the  opportunity  to  go  on  a  sports  tour  to  Italy.      I […]

Coaching kids- Safe & Fun keeps them in Sport

Published 3 February 2016

With coaching there are many things to be aware of, we are looking at 3 areas. How Can We Keep Kids From Quitting Sports? , Keeping it fun, Keeping Kids Safe in Sports We found some great links to use and update your skills and knowledge. All the best when you are out coaching. If you have […]

Valentines day give away !

Published 1 February 2016

Our Team mates at Ritual Hockey have given us this special Mystery Valentine present to give away. To be able to be in with a chance to win it you need to tell us in 15 words or less why you LOVE HOCKEY ! You can enter via our Recruitment 4 Hockey Face Book, Twitter or […]

Want Question would you ask Black Sticks player Kirsten Pearce?

Published 25 January 2016

Kirsten Pearce one of the new exciting players of the New Zealand Black Sticks Women’s Hockey Team and is up for answering 10 questions from our #Hockey fans  If you could ask Kirsten Pearce 1 question what would it be? To get the ball rolling, I would ask: What Edge Hockey stick do you use & why? To leave your question […]

Merry Christmas & Happy Hockey New Year

Published 21 December 2015

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank all our Hockey Community for their support during 2015.  A warm thank you to all our teammates FIH, Hockey Australia, Hockey Belgium, England Hockey , Hockey Wales and to our hockey  suppliers who spread joy all year long with there great hockey gear. Alien Hockey, Edge […]

FIH team up with Recruitment 4 Hockey

Published 9 December 2015

It is with great joy that we announce that FIH International Hockey Federation are joining our team here at Recruitment 4 Hockey. Matt Bartell from the Recruitment 4 Hockey team said “It’s an honour to be able to team up with FIH in promoting hockey opportunities around the world in both on field and off field […]

Winner Winner Christmas Dinner 


          Thank you to everyone for entering our Aussie Fan Alien Hockey stick give away. The winner was from #Twitter @btwbo  know as Grahame Haley from Bathurst South’s hockey club. Want a great earlier Christmas present. For more Alien Hockey gear see there website Stay tuned for more giveaways from Recruitment 4 Hockey

Why kids should try many different sports

Published 7 December 2015

Why Kids Should Try Many Different Sports There is an expression: jack of all trades, master of none. This applies quite nicely to childhood sport. Many leading children’s physical activity organizations (like Active for Life and Sport for Life) recommend playing a variety of sports at a young age; and for great reasons. Trying a lot […]

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