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‘Being  a  school  girl  from  Glasgow,  hockey  was  something  I  grew  up  with.    During  our  first  term  of  school   last  year  we  were  offered  the  opportunity  to  go  on  a  sports  tour  to  Italy.      I  had  heard  great  things  about   previous  tours  from  other  squad  members  so  it  was  pretty  exciting.

The  day  finally  came  for  us  to  travel  after  waiting  and  preparing  for  close  to  a  year.    We  arrived  in  Italy  and   got  the  bus  to  our  hotel  where  we  would  eat  and  sleep  before  the  start  of  our  4-­‐day  tournament.    At  first  it   was  quite  strange  playing  against  a  team  that  spoke  a  different  language  and  played  a  different  style  of   hockey,  it  wasn’t  something  that  we  were  used  to.  We  won  our  first  match  and  shared  some  pasta  and  a  cup   of  hot  chocolate  with  our  opposition.    Italians,  I  would  learn  love  their  pasta,  in  fact  we  were  offered  a  bowl   of  pasta  as  a  starter  and  with  every  meal.    Just  as  well  we  all  love  pasta!

Day  two  was  our  2nd  match  against  the  tournament  favourites.    they  scored  a  late  goal  to  tie  the  game  2-­‐2   which  meant  that  we  would  have  to  win  our  3rd  match  to  secure  our  place  in  the  final.      The  top  two  teams   were  to  play  each  other  for  the  trophy  and  based  on  the  way  the  other  teams  were  doing  that  was  going  to   be  enough  to  get  us  there.  Our  frustrating  draw  was  soon  forgotten  after  spending  the  rest  of  the  day  in   Venice  taking  boat  trips,  sight-­‐seeing,  shopping  and  eating  ice-­‐cream.

Every  morning  started  with  early  warm  up  sessions,  we  had  to  eat  the  right  meals  and  stay  hydrated  as  we   weren’t  really  used  to  playing  in  the  heat.    We  won  our  3rd  match  4-­‐0,  made  even  more  special  by  the  fact   that  the  boys,  who  were  on  rugby  tour  with  us,  came  to  watch  us  play.    We  had  made  it  to  the  final  on  my   first  trip  away,  the  team  were  so  excited.    Our  afternoon  treat  was  Gardaland,  one  of  Italy’s  biggest  theme   parks.    I  think  I  rode  Italy’s  biggest  the  roller coaster  about  50  times.

It  was  finals  day!    The  first  half  ended  0-­‐0  and  we  were  lucky  not  to  have  conceded  a  goal  early  on.      After  a   stern  team  talk  from  our  coach  we  decided  that  we  weren’t  going  home  without  the  trophy!    We  played   much  better  second  half  and  I  got  the  winning  goal.    We  had  done  it,  we  had  won  our  first  trophy  in  a   different  country!

A  hockey  tour  was  something  I  had  never  done  before,  but  it  is  something  that  I  will  never  ever  forget.  We   trained  like  proper  athletes,  played  against  different  teams,  learned  to  play  in  a  different  environment,   made  new  friends  that  we  would  never  have  met  had  we  not  gone  on  tour.    I  can  honestly  say  that  as  a  team   we  bonded  really  well  being  away  together,  hockey  tour  broadened  my  horizons  and  opened  my  eyes  in   terms  of  travel,  sport  and  culture.    I  have  since  taken  an  opportunity  to  play  hockey  abroad  whilst  earning  a   university  degree.     Carla  Godsman,  The  High  School  of  Glasgow  (18) following on Twitter @CarlaGodsman

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