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Recruitment 4 Hockey invites you to become part of a unique worldwide recruitment connection for the Field & Indoor Hockey Community. Focusing solely on vacancies within the Hockey Industry, we are here to support you as an employer in finding the best candidates to fill your vacancies, whether they be a Volunteer, Part Time or Full Time position. Register with us for free and benefit from exposure to a concentrated target market of hockey individuals around the globe.

Some of the benefits you can expect when registering with Recruitment 4 Hockey:

    • Instant access to the ever growing Global Hockey Community
    • Value for money – Your Hockey Job Listings can be posted for up to 90 days
    • FREE Volunteer Job Listing
    • Immediate Listings – posting is available 24 hours and your job ad is online straight away
    • Include a Logo with your advertisement at no additional cost
    • Monitor your Ad with Statistics on every job posted
    • Flexibility – Edit or update your Ad at anytime to change job details or improve ad performance
    • Convenience – Save your Job ads so they are ready to list when the position is vacant


Check out our packages and see which package suits you!

How does it work?

Simply register, set up your account and follow the steps to post your ad, it’s that easy!

An ad with Recruitment 4 Hockey provides great value for money, Standard Hockey Job Listings are only $160* and ads appear on the Recruitment 4 Hockey website immediately for 90 days, unless you fill the position earlier and elect to ‘expire’ your ad.

You can also Feature your Hockey Listing and stand out from the crowd

Feature on Homepage and Listings for 90 days for only $20.00

Choose this feature to have your logo, job title and Country displayed on the Home Page under FEATURED JOBS (Length of time on Home Page is subject to availability).  You will also be included on all searches made from the search bar at the top of the website and under Country as a featured ad.  Be part of the Weekly Featured Jobs List Mail Out to our Database of Active Hockey Job Seekers.

Feature on Category for 90 days for only $5.00

Choose this feature to appear on all classification searches from the home page as a Featured Job listing.

Monitoring Your Ad

You can monitor the performance of your job ad on a day-to-day basis showing details on the number of times your ad has been viewed, in total and on the day of viewing.


The benefit of online advertising gives you the flexibility to edit or update your ad at anytime to change job details or improve ad performance.

Social Media

Recruitment 4 Hockey’s Social Media includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; all hockey jobs posted on our website will be posted on our Social Media Pages to ensure maximum exposure to the ever growing Hockey Community.

Our RSS feed will also display all Hockey jobs posted and Recruitment 4 Hockey will remind the Social Media Network when a Hockey Job is nearing its closing date, just in case the right person for the job had just joined our Network. We are a point of access to help hockey people find employment within hockey and where employers within the hockey community can post jobs to a focused market.

Our Recruitment 4 Hockey Team would love if you would follow us on Social Media or post our website link to yours to support our Hockey Community and help it grow.

Where to start?

Register now then follow the simple Submit a Job process. If you require assistance or wish to discuss the process, you can contact us online or check out our Help videos

*All payment amounts are in AU$ and Australian Residents are subject to GST.


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