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We wanted to tell you about our friends at Teamer.net. It is one of the best sports organisation apps out there and is also completely free. It is used by millions of coaches, players, and parents worldwide. Coaches can use the app to easily organise games and training, and instantly notify players of cancellations/time changes. It really helps to avoid the endless texts, emails and calls. When you get a chance check them out and see if they would make life easier for you. You can sign up here.

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Recruitment 4 Hockey Aussie Hockey Fan GiveAway

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Recruitment 4 Hockey Aussie Hockey Fan Giveaway!

Thanks to our Team mates at Edge Hockey we have this great New Edge Prize pack to go to one lucky winner!

To be in it to win you need to leave a comment on one of our social media pages, about why you love hockey & tag a friend and your team or club in.


-Only one prize given away.
-No refund or exchange on prize.
-Entry open Monday 22nd May 2017
– Entry close Monday 29th May 12pm AEST
-Winner will be picked randomly on Monday May 29/5/2017 1pm AEST from all the entries.
-Winner will be announced after the 30/5/2017 and no later than 2/6/2017 on the Recruitment 4 Hockey website and social media pages.
-Winner to send Recruitment 4 Hockey a picture with the prize via Email or Social Media
-To be eligible you must have left a comment why you love hockey and tagged a friend and your team or club in, on one of our social media pages.
-You must have an Australia Address to be in it to win!
-This giveaway is run by Recruitment 4 Hockey Not by Edge Hockey

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Recruitment 4 Hockey team up with Legend Sport

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Legends are made not born!  logo

So that’s why we happy to announce Recruitment 4 Hockey have teamed up with Legend Sports – Hockey Sticks, Gear & Clothing.

Those who play hockey know that it’s more than a game. And a stick isn’t just a stick – it’s part of you and it’s part of your performance.  Legend Sport offer One of a kind Designs and are Technically Different in there sticks and Hockey wear.


So visit our new team mates www.legend-sport.com and see why there in a league of there own.

SPONSORSHIP If you’re a professional hockey player who’d like to be sponsored by legend, click here to submit your application for sponsorship.

With this passion and support we look forward to working with Legend Sport to grow the game.

Follow the Legend on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram


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Recruitment 4 Hockey 4th Birthday Thank you

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Its not just another Birthday its our 4th Birthday and time flies when your having fun!

We started this business & website 4 years ago, to provide and help give Hockey a voice when your looking for players, coaches and staff both paid and volunteers. We wanted to connect our sport with one anther from Clubs, School, Universities and Governing bodies of hockey, at all levels and to you the Hockey fan & to people out side of Hockey to become part of our game.

Since our launch in 2012 we have helped promote over a thousand different Hockey jobs & opportunities around the world,  just over 100,000 users to our website with over 600,000 page views to date, we think this a great achievement for our sport.

Recruitment 4 Hockey are celebrating their 4th Birthday and let us offer 4 thanks to the Hockey Community for being a big part of our success.


imagesTo Hockey Australia, Hockey Wales and Hockey Belgium for teaming up with us to help them operate and support their Hockey Job boards and to England Hockey for all their support and partnership.

download (1)To our existing partnerships during the year with EDGE Hockey, Alien Hockey, Mercian Hockey and Ritual Hockey & Dwyeronline Lycan Hockey  and to our new partnership with Legend Sport all great hockey suppliers .

download (2)
To the Hockey Community around the World that support us every day, without you, Recruitment 4 Hockey would not be here today. Thank you!
download (1)

Thank you our new Team Mates International Hockey Federation FIH for there support in helping us reach more Hockey People around the world with the new work in Hockey page


We look forward to continuing to help Hockey into the future. Stay tuned for more big news and some great Hockey giveaways.

If you have a great Hockey news story you would like us to share, or if you have found a Job in Hockey with us and you would like to share how things are going please email info@recruitment4hockey.com


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Helping grow your Hockey Club

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Field Hockey is truly a family game for men & women, boys and girls of all ages. We have put together some great links to look at getting kids and adults into sport or back to sport.  If you or your club have any programs to help people get into Hockey please copy us in on social media so we can share and help promote your plan or event.


Get Inspired: How to get into Hockey UK  looks at kids and Adults getting into or back to Hockey

Hockey Australia intro to the sport Hookin2Hockey

Get into Hockey  is a Hockey Queensland site to make it easier to join the Hockey

Fundamental Field Hockey is a youth development initiative to expose the sport in the USA.

Kick Start your kids into sport by BBC

Teach Your Child to Love a Sport

What can I do if my child shows no interest in sports?

Encouraging a positive attitude to sport

5 Reasons Why Kids Lose Interest in Hockey


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Hockey Goal Keeper Drills & Training

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Hockey Goal Keeping

Field Hockey Goal Keeper training session take time & planning, so we have arranged a little help to get things going for your next session, we have a listed some great websites & YouTube channels from around the world to help you develop your Goalie sessions.

Enjoy your next Hockey Coaching session.

Goalkeeping equipment 
To help find best fitting GK gear chat to Ex-England and GB goalkeeper Simon Mason from Mercian see there arrange of protective gear and sticks.

Equipment (not all of it is necessary)

-A ball machine Is top of the class for teaching correct technique, A few (co-operative) forwards, just yourselves and a dozen balls will do just as nicely though.
-Rebound board and Crazy Catch
-Tennis racquet and tennis balls
-Metal cradle (like they use in cricket)
-Cones/pylons, whatever you call them depending on where you’re from
-Speed ladder
– Reaction ball for a bit of fun

Goal Keeping Skills and Fundamentals – hard copies
Hockey New Zealand – Goal Keeping Resource
FHBC – Basics
How to Develop a Field Hockey Goalie
Goalie Warm up

Goal Keeping Online and YouTube videos


Rachel Lynch GK Session Futures Camp 

Hockey Australia Core Skills for Developing Goalkeepers – Field Hockey

Hockey Australia Goal keeping 

Field Hockey Goalkeeper Training Drills

OBO Goal Keeping OBO

Mix up Hockey Goal Keeping

Fun GK clips

SHA Simon Mason Mercian Goalkeeping Clinic

Fun Hockey Goal Keeper warm up with Hockeyroos Rachael Lynch

Goalkeeper Saves – Canada’s David Carter – Highlights
Field Hockey Goalkeeper Training – BowdonHockeyTV
Crazy Catch Goalie Training – Maddie Hinch

Goal Keeping Drills packages and Online Coaching

Sportplan online Drill design and Planning for Goal Keeping
Toni Cronk – Coaching Private and Online

We hope you find this helpful for your next Goal Keeper training session, if you have a link to a great GK training sessions please let us know via our social media pages or email to info@recruitment4hockey.com


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Lycan Hockey stick Give Away join the Wolf Pack

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Our Team Mates at Lycan Hockey have given us this great Zeke Hockey stick to give away, its the same stick that Australia Kookaburras  Glenn Turner and Tim Deavin use when playing.

All you need to do to be in with a chance to join the WOLF PACK and to win is like and share on our Recruitment 4 Hockey Face Book, Twitter or Instagram the below image by Sunday the 5th June 2016.


-Only one prize given away.
-No refund or exchange on prize.
-Entry open Thursday 19th May 2016
– Entry close Saturday 4 June 5pm AEST
-Winner will be picked randomly on Sunday 5th June 2pm AEST from all the entries.
-Winner will be announced after the 5/6/2016 and no later than 12/6/2016 on the Recruitment 4 Hockey website and social media pages.
-Winner to send Recruitment 4 Hockey a picture with the prize via Email or Social Media
-To be eligible you must have liked and shared on one of our social media pages.
-This giveaway is run by Recruitment 4 Hockey Not by Lycan Hockey


Please visit the Lycan Hockey shop or follow them on social media for more wolf pack hockey

Facebook  Instagram  and on Twitter with Glenn Turner and Tim Deavin

#DestinationHockey and #NationalHockeyWeek


The Winner of the Lycan Hockey Stick was benwoodruff_ from WA he entered via Instagram IMG_5010

Big thank you to all who entered stay tuned for more give aways soon. 

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Lycan Hockey Team up with Recruitment 4 Hockey

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Recruitment 4 Hockey and Lycan Hockey team up in a great new partnership bring together two passionate businesses with the one focus “Hockey”, promoting the game at all levels and to all ages.

Founded in 2013 Lycan Hockey represents one of Australia’s newest elite hockey brand, with Hockey Australia Kookaburra players Tim Deavin and Glenn Turner leading Lycan Hockey you know you will find a great stick for goal scoring, dragflicking or making big Tackles and passing over long distances.

Like to join the wolf pack check out there online store www.lycanhockey.com

have u seen the wolf

Lycan Hockey is proud to be a supporter of “Supporting hockey in Uganda with Youth Sport Uganda”

To keep social with your heroes and more Hockey from Lycan Hockey follow them at
Twitter : Tim Deavin @deavo19 Glenn Turner @G_Turner4 

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Valentines Giveaway Winner Was………..

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The winner of our Valentines day Ritual Hockey pack giveaway was Amy Trotter from the Newtown City Hockey Club in Victoria Australia. Amy entered via Instagram and was randomly selected from all our entries.

Amy said Cheers for the gear ritualhockey & recruitment4hockey. Even more keen to get out on the field this season! Picture via Amy 


We have listed below some of the quotes people said why they love hockey enjoy and stay tune for more giveaways.

matt.j.n.barnettI love hockey because it is home to me. The field is where I’m free.
noelleb73I love hockey because it helped me meet some of my best friends.
dion_6godI love hockey because its not just a sport but a passion
matthew.e.wardHockey Stimulates my brain, challenges me physically and allows me to meet new people.

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