Can you help Karachi in their promotion of Field Hockey?

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The association of Karachi Divisional Women’s Hockey Association are looking for Clubs who may be able to help get their girls international exposure to help them to improve their game.

It’s a big ask, however, the Karachi Association are looking for clubs who can provide free boarding and lodging in their city, in return for friendly matches against their Clubs.  The association is not self sufficient in finances and the girls cannot afford this either, so they are asking for the support of the Hockey Community to help in the promotion of Field Hockey in Karachi.

The association are trying to generate money for the air travel and would love to make this happen around October / November 2014, however, if any club can help before then, the association would love to hear from you.  Please contact Shaista Javaid by email at

For more information on the history of the Karachi Divisional Women’s Hockey Association, take a look at the spectacular run down of some activities and photographs since 1999.


The Karachi Divisional Women’s Hockey Association is a Divisional Unit of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (Women’s Wing). In order to spot and groom the budding players at the grass root level, we have organized several training camps and tournaments at Provincial and National level since 1978 both independently and in collaboration with the Provincial and Central units.  The following are some of the activities from the Period of 1999 till date:

 Karachi1   Karachi2

Karachi3   Karachi5   Karachi4


Camp Trainees with the K.D.W.H.A. officials and the coaches

During the training camps to develop the interest of the players in improving their skills during play, we invited various EX-Olympians to share their expertise and experiences with the girl players through lectures and demonstrations of various skills. They also narrated the various experiences they gained in International Events.

Karachi7   Karachi8

To motivate interest in Field Hockey and train young girls in the fundamentals of the game, the K.D.W.H.A organized Drill Competitions and Hockey Festivals in various schools, which received tremendous success as girls participated with great excitement and enjoyment.

Karachi9   Karachi10   Karachi11   Karachi12

The Karachi Divisional Women’s Hockey Teams have also participated in every National Women’s Hockey Championship held since 1978, and has helped in organizing many of them in Karachi.

Karachi13   Karachi14

The teams with the Coaches and the K.D.W.H. A Officials.

Umpiring Clinics were organized in collaboration with the P.H.F to promote opportunities for Seniors.

Karachi15   Karachi16   Karachi17

Four of the Karachi players were awarded the F.I.H Global Youth Certificates by the F.I.H .



At various events organized by the Asian Hockey Federation in Singapore, Malaysia and China the K.D.W.H.A  Officials and players have also represented Pakistan in the National Team. Barrister Shahida Jamil has been the Chef-De-Mission in three international events and Mrs. Shaista Javaid has been appointed judge at Singapore and Malaysia and Assistant Coach at China. Ms Shazia supervized the matches as an umpire at China.  Many Karachi players have also played in the International  events.

Karachi18   Karachi19

K.D.W.H.A Officials at the Women’s Asia Cup-Level II event organized by The Asian Hockey Federation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006 and China in  2009.



An exhibition match was organized by the KDWHA in collaboration with the Pak-U.S Alumni (Sindh Chapter). Two teams of the K.D.W.H.A teams viz: The Karachi Greens and The Karachi Blues played an exhibition match against each other to celebrate the U.N International Women’s Day, in which mementos and prizes were given out by the Chief Guest, the Sindh Minister of Sports, which helped in providing full Press and Media coverage.

Karachi20   Karachi21   Karachi22

U.S  Alumni  members and  K.D.W.H.A officials, Barrister Shahida Jamil, Mrs. Shaista Javaid and Mrs. Sanober Kazmi and schoolgirls watching the Exhibition match, with the Sindh Minister of Sports:

Karachi24   Karachi23


Prizes and Mementoes

To promote and improve the standard of the game, tournaments and fitness programmes were held in various schools . Matches were organized with boys teams to improve the match temperament in the KDWHA players.

Karachi26   Karachi27   Karachi28

Junior  Players in action


K.D.W.H.A Exhibition match held during the National Women’s Hockey Championship, 2005 in Karachi.

An Exhibition match was organized in her honour.


Introduction of the players to Ms. Masako Kamisuki, Director Umpire’s Committee, Asian Hockey Federation.



History and Photographs provided by Shaista Javaid, Vice- President, Karachi Divisional Women’s Hockey Association



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