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Recruitment 4 Hockey is the worldwide recruitment link for the Field & Indoor Hockey Community.

We have created a worldwide recruitment business supplying the Hockey Community with a recruitment tool to call their very own. No more searching or advertising on general or sporting recruitment sites to be disappointed with the outcome of results as they are not specifically tailored to Hockey. We focus solely on Hockey and all vacancies within the Hockey industry from Volunteer positions through to Community and right up to Top End Management positions, all hockey related jobs are important to us and we want to ensure the Hockey Community is aware of our commitment to the service that we provide.

Our Mission

Teaming up Passionate Hockey People & Hockey Businesses in one quick and easy search

Our Commitment

We provide a service that is unique to other online job board websites, through experience, we wanted to create a site for the Hockey Community Worldwide, that was based on a concentrated market, not having to filter through other sports jobs to reach the hockey positions, but just to create a Hub for hockey alone. We have done this and at Recruitment 4 Hockey we focus on one sport alone and that sport is Hockey, as Hockey is our passion. By concentrating on one sport it is giving the individuals and businesses a dedicated target market to connect with. One Sport, One Source.

We not only list Hockey vacancies from around the world, we provide a point of access to help hockey people find employment within hockey and where employers within the hockey community can post jobs to this focused market, enabling the employer to recruit the best and enthusiastic team members for their business. We commit to bringing you the latest in Hockey news from around the World, keeping you up to date with the global hockey community through our website and social media. Learn more about our services for Hockey Employers and Hockey Job Seekers and subscribe to our RSS Feeds or join our Social Networks.

Register with us for free and take advantage of connecting with the Hockey Community around the globe or simply contact us if we can help you in your search.

Featured Job ads on our website,will also appear on the FIH work in Hockey page (Length of time on Home Page is subject to availability)

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